FKO Fire Knock Out as an addition to fire prevention tools

Fire prevention can prevent a lot of misery. In practice, this is not always effective and this can cause major fire damage and human or animal suffering. Every second counts in a fire. The faster a fire is fought and extinguished, the less the fire damages and the less human or animal suffering. Fire detection, fire fighting, fire fighting and fire escape aids are therefore perhaps the most important prevention tools in your home or business premises. It is not without reason that several of these devices are a mandatory part of safety and can be enormously important for the company or the family.

Often a fire starts near a switch board, attic, laundry room or a pantry where equipment such as a central heating system, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine or dryer is located.
Many households are equipped with a smoke detector, unfortunately this is of no use if one is not at home, but if one is at home and wakes up from the alarm or even earlier, it will still take a few minutes before the fire brigade is present while time in this situation is essential and every second counts.

The FKO Fire Knock Out addresses the problem directly at the source and can prevent the greater consequences of damage and human suffering after a fire. The FKO never has a false alarm as soon as it comes into contact with an open fire, it comes into operation and the environment will be alarmed by a loud bang so that one can safely leave the building.

FKO Fire Knock Out is a new and revolutionary means to combat fires effectively and quickly. It is easy to use, lightweight, compact and does not need maintenance. The resulting fire is fought directly at the seat of the fire, so that subsequent damage is limited.

The FKO Fire Knock Out works automatically even when your not around or when you are sleeping.

In addition, it is human, animal and environment friendly, the residues left after ignition are recyclable and easy to clean up.