Rapid fire fighting can prevent major consequences

Fire must be fought quickly in any situation. In addition to being dangerous, it can also be very devastating to homes and buildings. You want to prevent the fire from having major consequences. The FKO Fire Knock Out is an excellent preventative against fire.

What the airbag does in a car accident, does this FKO Fire Knock Out principle in case of fire: react super fast and prevent worse! Due to the revolutionary simple operation, activation only takes place after contact with fire. A false alarm is therefore not possible. The container opens with a rapid force and the space is filled with harmless extinguishing liquid in the form of a coarse and fine mist. The fine extinguishing mist removes all oxygen in and around the seat of the fire for a short moment, so that the fire is immediately fought. The fire is fought at the seat of the fire. The coarser atomized extinguishing liquid simultaneously penetrates the seat of the fire and cools the heat source, while the added retardants deprive the fire of the chance to re-ignite. There is no faster way of fighting fires. Although it is always better to prevent a fire.

The fire can be attacked before it can really ignite. This is the fastest way of fighting a fire. Moreover, you do not have to do anything yourself, just purchase and apply a Fire Knock Out. Then it works independently even if you are not present or sleeping.