Difference between fire extinguisher and the FKO Fire Knock

Although having a fire extinguisher is mandatory in many cases, using it is not so easy, when a fire is discovered there must be someone who is trained in operating a fire extinguisher. This is in contrast to the FKO Fire Knock Out, which starts immediately and automatically as soon as it comes into contact with an open fire without involving a person. A fire extinguisher is of no use if there is no person around to operate it, the FKO on the other hand also works when no one is present. The extinguishing liquid of the FKO consists of a foaming agent mixed with water, also known as Called A Triple F (AFFF). A powder extinguisher releases chemicals that etch on metals and consequently damage machines caused by the fact that the powder is difficult to remove.

Fire extinguisher must be checked periodically by a certified company, which actually happens in industrial applications, but unfortunately rarely in home situations, with the result that when the fire extinguisher in the house is eventually called, it does not function properly with all the consequences.
The FKO can easily be checked for liquid level and wick breakage.

The biggest advantage over a fire extinguisher is that the FKO Fire Knock Out activates itself and is therefore easy to use. The Fire Knock Out only needs to be placed once and automatically fights the fire. The FKO Fire Knock Out only works if it comes into direct contact with open fire during indoor and outdoor fires. Because the fire can be instantly attacked the consequential damage can be limited and this can also reduce collateral damage.

The FKO Fire Knock Out can therefore be many times faster and easier to use compared to a fire extinguisher.