The FKO Fire Knock Out is available in several versions. The most common version, is based on foam base and suitable for combating class A (solids, usually of organic origin, generally involving the formation of glow), class B (liquid or liquefying substances) and class C (gaseous ) to burn. Almost all versions can be used in closed rooms as well as for outdoor fires.

The FKO Fire Knock Out products are available in a 1.6 and 5.6 liter version (and on special request a 24.6 version for the specific professional market). The first two versions are ideally suited for mobile use due to their low weight and size.
The 5.6 version has a plastic handle with which the product can be easily carried by the professional user or hung preventively.

The FKO 1.6 is for preventive use only and should be mounted in vulnerable fire sensitive areas such as e.g. near tumble dryer, in the meter cupboard or in the engine compartment of a boat or bulldozer.

The packaging is hermetically dust- and moisture-tight, so that maintenance is limited to a periodic visual inspection of the wick and the liquid level.