Automatic firefighter in addition to the fire extinguisher

The Fire Knock Out does not replace the traditional fire extinguisher, but serves as an addition to the fire extinguisher. The FKO Fire Knock Out is the fire prevention agent that independently fights a fire. The FKO Fire Knock Out is a plastic container that you place in a fire-hazardous area and or near a fire-sensitive object. This can be, for example, in a meter cupboard, in a pantry or in the attic near the boiler or a laundry room. The appliances that are often in these areas are major damage points when it comes to fire. By placing the FKO Fire Knock Out in this room, you can prevent a large, spreading fire.

If the fuse of the FKO Fire Knock Out comes into contact with fire, the container will split open. For a short moment, all oxygen in and around the seat of the fire is removed with the help of the fine mist of extinguishing liquid that is spread through the room. This will immediately and automatically fight the fire. At the same time, the coarser extinguishing liquid penetrates into the seat of the fire, causing the heat source to cool down considerably and there is a minimal chance of the fire being ignited again. All this happens in seconds.

In many cases the damage can be very huge, because the Fire Knock Out fought the fire right from the beginning the damage will be probably a lot less. The remains of the FKO Fire Knock Out can be easily disposed of and are fully recyclable