Fire Knock Out

Fights fire in seconds!

More about the Fire Knock Out

A revolution in fire fighting

The FKO Fire Knock Out is a new and revolutionary fire fighting agent, which is lightweight, small and easy to use. The product starts working at lightning speed upon contact with fire - throttling the fire before it has a chance to grow and minimizing follow-up damage. Its low price point now makes it possible for everyone to effectively protect himself/herself and his/her possessions from one of the most frightening dangers known to man: FIRE!

How does it work?

The FKO Fire Knock Out has a special feature: it automatically starts to operate when it comes into contact with open fire and then fights the seat of a fire within a few seconds. The plastic container is filled with a harmless fire extinguishing fluid and activation (powder) material, on which a quick fuse is fitted.

As soon as the fuse comes into contact with open fire, the container splits open. During a short moment all oxygen in and around the seat of the fire is removed, as a result of which the fire is fought immediately.

The fire extinguishing fluid that has been atomised into water vapour cools down the heat source, while the added delaying substances reduce the chance that the seat of a fire will be ignited again to a minimum. All this only takes a few seconds. The plastic residuals that remain after use can be collected easily and can be fully recycled.


The FKO Fire Knock Out is a new and effective instrument to fight fire and protect, which can be used with a large range of applications, both preventively and actively. For example, with fires in houses, offices, caravans, garages, sheds and ships, but also with cattle and storage sheds, petrol stations and forest fires. Because the system activates itself, the product is very suitable to immediately fight seats of a fire, which may develop in unguarded rooms.

The FKO Fire Knock Out is available in several versions and versions. The most common versions come in a 1.6 and 5.6 package. The 5.6 version has an integrated plastic handle with which the product can be easily carried by the professional user or hung preventively.

The 1.6 is for preventive use only and should be mounted in vulnerable areas where a fire hazard can / should be expected. Almost all versions can be used in closed rooms as well as for outdoor fires. The system has no limitations in the correct use of extinguishing liquid, a suitable version is available for every fire. The packaging is hermetically dust- and moisture-tight, so that maintenance is limited to a periodic visual inspection.